Rabbit Holes

Saturday, oh my folks, was a blast, and I thank you. Big up Mary, Jeres, Morty, Dego, Magnum PI, Ginge and his sax, big up Ellie who did us some sound, my pops, and big up all of the y'all, specially dude who came all the way from Newcastle. Safety. OK, I still aint got internet at home - expect the return of the old-style reportage in about 4 days. In the meanwhile, I'm finishing up Lethal B's LP, this new animated video, and getting on with LP 2 and the new mixtape. Look out for news of exciting gigs, ETC, very soon.

Love is love, and I am a bit wet.

PS - Wonchop, he say: "I submitted an NG Alpha: http://www.newgrounds.com/ngmag/alphas/alpha/2069