Pussyole Can't Tell Me Nuffin

Jeres, Lethal Bizzle, AT Zillaman

I feel like crap, but that Bizzle video shoot was way fun (we did lots of sitting around in the sun, and I fake-beat a safe dude called Braddan with a baseball bat and screamed at a camera), and the new Dizzee Rascal album is brilliant. I might have to change a few lines off of my new thing though, as they are identical to some of his. Ditto on three concepts, but that's cool. We are, after all, connected.

Weak though, I gotta loose-chain on my bike, so i gotta get the bus down to Shoreditch now. Suck-a-bus! I shall read The Devils though, it'll be OK.

Hey, I wanna go to a festival. What's good these days? I took the past few years off.