Public Enemy Number One.

Oh dear Lord, the sick black comedy of the US immigration mob! They're deporting Cat Stevens today! It is true. He was flying from London to Washington and his plane was diverted because he showed up on some terrorist watch list, becausehe's Musim and, like, sang some songs about war being mean.

Apparently he is a threat to national security. It should be noted that Marillion were on the plane too, and I know who I'd be more worried about having over for dinner and peeing in my fishtank.

I woke up today with a bit of a hangover, but the voices of the children at play out my window soothed me into the world. The view from my window is very lovely - I see lots of school chiddlers at play in their playground, all in matching yellow jumpers. Sometimes they are not there, because it is not playtime, but usually it is.

So I felt a little bit pop starry today, actually - I was making a lovely song on my silly old computer, then a nice man from The Telegraph rang to ask me questions and chat about stuff, and then I checked my inbox and it was full of nice words and music ideas and offers of collaborations and free clothing. I haven't had a poorly executed threat of violence in weeks.

Mixtape 4 is all but done, my people, and will be with you shortly....