Today I am enjoying the finest studio and mike sound I have ever experienced, it is quite awesome. I am in The Shed, which is in Manhattan, recording with James Brown, who is a very fucking professional and dry person. He is doing fucking dope shit with my, um, shit, which seems to be hitting not just the next level, but a few rungs above that. We have jumped, is what it is. So that's safe. These past few days I have been wandering about in a vest in the boiling New York sunshine, rubbernecking like a motherfucker because EVERYBODY IS INCREDIBLY FIT... I have been meeting all manner of amazing, and fucking NUTS, people, buying comics, and getting lost (as usual). Happily there are lots of nice Latinos and Italians and people from the Yeomen (I bet I spelt that wrong) who are only too happy to help a short arsed Limey and tell him mad stories.

Strangely, though, my sleep has been haunted, and I have had a pair of intense nightmares both nights I have slept in the big blow up double bed facing out the doors to the balcony in Spiky and Amy and Cherry's incredible loft. Now, you know I never remember my dreams, but these I remember pretty well, and I have, on both nights, been unable to go back to sleep after the second one. The second are the ones I remember best. Last night I saw soldiers scorch the sky, tearing strips out of it and leaving nothing but TV static.... and as this happened, marines stormed the cities, confiscating everybody's weapons, rounding up any who objected... "STAY INSIDE YOUR HOMES!"

I realised all the communication equipment was reporting directly to the cunts in charge, and that we were all trapped. Mothboy rang me, going, "isn't it worse that we KNEW this was going to happen? What they're doing?" Because everybody else was just freaking out, because they didn't known what the fuck was going on. I woke up when I suddenly saw this huge gold statue of Baby Bush all Nazied up, bombers whooshing into the tar streaked static sky behind. I sat up then, drenched, shaking. It was nuts. I've never had a dream like that before. It used to just be, like, midgety goblin monsters and shit.