Prison Teletubby Tattoo Owns Chris Brown Terminator Tattoo

Behold! My tattoo of Po what I got when I was 16 for £15 that was done by some mental bloke who'd just got out of jail and said he learned how to tattoo inside that is EIGHT BILLION TIMES AS GOOD AS THAT CHRIS BROWN TATTOO.

Goddamnit did someone mug dude and force that heinous abomination in the eyes of all that is holy on his wriggling, screaming, trussed up ass? AT GUNPOINT? I think they must have. The poor man. How sad.

In other news, this bafflingly small item of clothing showed up - that fits neither me OR Charlotte - along with a number of similarly small items:

AHAHAHA I JOKE WE ARE NOT BAFFLED WE KNOW WHO IT IS FOR BAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Thank you Nain, I am usuing that comforter as a hat while we await the birth of our Saviour.