Thasssright boys and girls, my LP, wot is out in two weeks (eek) can now be preordered from Amazon for £8.99. That is one pound more than I paid for the EMF album on cassette when I was 12 or whatever it was. Bargain!

"Welsh rapper Akira the Don was scheduled to release this debut on the giant Interscope until it decided tracks such as 'Thanks for All the Aids' (an anti-Live8 diatribe against everything from the World Bank to the Catholic church) made it unsellable," chirped The Observer. "There are moments of brilliance but the wilfully dishevelled tone mires much of it in a murk of its own making."

"If “Oh! What A Glorious Thing” is Akira The Don’s breakout track, then this album is the essential arsenal to back it all up," sayeth Manchester Music. "The pulsating hip hop of “Liverpool” is jammed with a bursting electronic fire and the subtle addition of a subliminal guitar riff. Dead clever stuff that includes an earlier single “Clones” and the cruising Human League-ish “London”, which seems to hang off a refrain similar to The Stranglers “Get A Grip“ – it’s another stand out, powerful track, a feat that’s repeated on “Dead Babies”. This is an essential album that embraces the realities of The Streets, full blown hip hop and a sense of adventurism. Applaudable ('til your hands are sore) but more importantly, enjoyable stuff."


So, I am leaving New York tomorrow. Bye bye New York! I will be back. For I love you dearly. But London needs me. And I am going on tour in a fortnight or so. Details imminent.

In other news, the militarisation of space is now being discussed in public. Good oh.