PREORDER Manga Music! Digital, CD, T-shirt and HOODIE!

I have been working on this for a long time. Since June, in fact. And now, as the last rays of summer envelop England, I can reveal the title of the next Akira The Don release:


Out on OCTOBER 24th on Living In The Future. 15 all-new songs inspired by the myriad releases of Manga Entertainment. Available to preoder now on MP3, FLAC, CD, T-shirt, and HOODIE.



Brothers and sisters! I am hyped and excited to present to you, the AKIRA THE MANGA MUSIC HOODIE! £30!

It's the the very first Akira The Don hoodie, designed to your specifications! Classic black, zip up luxurious Gildan cotton with the Living In The Future logo on the breast and the all-new Akira The Don Manga Music logo on the back in white and red.

Comes with a free digital download of ATD26 - Manga Music and a ACE BADGE.

The first 30 preorders get one of the 30 original "The Don" logos hand painted on A4 printing paper by Akira The Don with authentic japanese caligraphy brushes, the finest elements of which were used in the final logo, designed by world famous graphic design superstar and brother of The Don, Zef.

Also availiable to preorder now is the AKIRA THE DON MANGA MUSIC T-Shirt! £10!

And the MANGA MUSIC radio promo CD! - £5

And MANGA MUSIC CDQ MP3 download! - £3.99

And the MANGA MUSIC FLAC download! - £4.99

There will also be a FREE 192kbps MP3 download for the poverty stricken.


Get the hoodie, the T-shirt, the CD, Badge, and hand painted Don logo for just £40!


OCTOBER 24th! Hold tight for video and audio preview, uploading now!