Preacher On HBO?

HBO are doing Preacher!

This is not from that. This is from the aborted movie. A TV show makes so much more sense, shit.

Robert Rodriguez might be directing!


It's being developed by Daredevil and Ghostrider director Mark Steven Johnson. Daredevil was the shittiest comic book movie I ever saw. I didn't bother with Ghost Rider. Anyone see that?

Preacher, if you don't know, was a comic book written by Garth Ennis about a Texan preacher literally trying to find God, who abandoned His creation because he was a pussy. He's accompanied by, amongst others, a hard drinking Irish vampire who looks like Shane McGowan, and his shit kicking, marxman girl friend. Oh, and that guy up there, who tried to suicide himself ala Cobain. It's ace. I read a bit of it when I was slumming in Liverpool for a bit as a teenager. Colin sent me a load of it recently and I've been really enjoying it.