Pre Nup!

I got a roulette wheel and a book called The Good Soldier Svejk and The Gangsta Rap Colouring Book, and really sweet little note on a tiny peice of paper, so I did pretty damn good I'd say. Zef is peeling potatoes and saying "boredom" repeatedly, but I don't see what he's got to moan about as I got him series one of Thundercats on DVD, and he got so drunk last night he collapsed in a pile of sick in the bathroom, AND he tried to hug some townies and they tried to fight him AND they failed AND he hasn't got a hangover because he's seventeen, the bastard. I got my Mam some Buffy toys - she got Angel, Spike, and Anya, so they can have a festive spitroast. I am not sure how amused she was by that. I am amused. Anya comes with a little bunny rabbit. How ill is that? Yes it is very ill.

So, yes. I hope you are all having lovely days, whatever it is you're doing. Big up my br'er Marek, holding it down at work in North Wales.

So. I had the worst night's sleep I have ever had last night. I spent most of it repeatedly waking up from the most terrifying nightmares, and desperately trying not to go back to sleep, but every time I'd manage, after screaming silently and struggling with my unseen violating captor for eons, to wake up, I'd quickly be dragged back into sleep, and the same cursed nightmare. And I was sleeping next to my brother Alex, on a blow up bed, and I tried to call to him for help, and hit him awake, but he never, the viscous little bastard.

Eventually the nightmares turned into a strange lucid encounter with 50 Cent and The Game, who tag-freestyled each other, then kissed, which was odd. Game kept apologising for his performance and blaming it on his knee, the cartilage of which scritched and scraped ghoulishly.

Still. I am fine. My eyeballs are sore, but nobody is testing any drugs on me. Cos I'm not deemed "neglected or abused", although I am, temporarily, outside of the US.

Oh, sorry, I'll back up here.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), have recently decided that previous regulations, banning the testing of chemicals and pesticides on child-human subjects, were archaic and silly. Nowadays, they say, you can test on kiddies, in the following instances:

1. Children who "cannot be reasonably consulted," such as those that are mentally handicapped or orphaned newborns, may be tested on. With permission from the institution or guardian in charge of the individual, the child may be exposed to chemicals for the sake of research.

2. Parental consent forms are not necessary for testing on children who have been neglected or abused.

3. Chemical studies on any children outside of the U.S. are acceptable. Get that?

6,644 people are still missing after Katrina (remember that?). 1000-odd of them are children. There are also an awful lot of children, abused and otherwise, outside of America. In places like Iraq, and Afghanistan, and China, and, um, Winchester.

Little babans everywhere.

If I believed in God, I'd pray for him to look after them. But I don't, and even if I did, I'd know, deep down, that He ain't got time to look after no abus-ed babans. He's too busy telling George Bush what to do.

So, I shall fret, and read things, and feel bad, and fire off emails to people, and write about it.

Dunno what you'll do.

Whatever though, I hope you have a very Merry Mass Of The Christ Baban, even if it is but another day for some. I wish love on you all. Like a pox, but a nice one.