Post Karaoke

Oh sweet baby Jesus and the orphans, I have had a brilliant hangover today. One of those comatose your ass and stop you functioning things. Ijust had to retype that sentence three times. My fingers aren't responding properly. This is because of the open bar at last night's Big Silly Karaoke party, hosted by my pal David Piper. Wade was DJing, Team Why Lout?, Narstie and Littles came through. Marvin has blogged about this already, I am amazed at his resilience. Narstie did that Coldplay joint about fixing people, it was kind of emotional. I was supposed to be hosting this room - my name was on the door and evrything - but I kind of slacked on that a bit. Tego pretty much ran that room all night. Big dude's like him aren't as affected by The Sauce as lil' dudes like me.

Me, I did a bunch of matchmaking, a little singing, some catching up with friends, some nonchalant puking in the toilets... I had an interesting discussion with Professor Green, who had previously been under the impression that I was a massive cock, despite Narstie's protestations to the contrary. I have no idea where people get these ideas. I'm a nice person!

Wade and Narstie hit it off, which was nice. I do wish I'd taken some photos but I'm sure someone did. Narst just just woke up and is full of regret about what he did to some guy who fell asleep in our room and all the girls told to get their "rat out".

So big up David Piper, who knows how to throw a party, and big up all my happy drunken friends!

As for me, while I can't remember getting home, I am impressed that I had the presence of mind to hang my suit up.

Edit: Marvin just posted this video evidence of Narstie shouting "get your rat out". Wow!

Marvin does some freestyling too, its bad. I think I was chucking up when they filmed this stuff.