Posh Ramen FTW

Posh Ramen FTW.

Shit is TASTY.


In other news, I merked the Daughters Of Samedi on Saturday. Slaughterered flipping hundreds off the assholes. Shot the loutenant's stupid voodoo doll out of his hand and popped fifty  in his heed, then took out his bawse with $40,000 of heavy artillery, then jacked his tank.

So long suckers!

All praises due to the bazooka.

And on Sunday we found our wedding rings, in a beautiful little vintage jewelry shop in Camden Passage.

Mine was the ONLY dude's wedding ring in the shop, and it was perfect.

Obviously, I mean THAT'S WHAT HAPPENS, right?

I'm off to make sure the TLE t-shirts are the right colour now, and pick up the amended TLE albums.

Donnish Inquisition 2 coming later.