Pop Socks

manic miner I woke up wanting to wear some fluorescent yellow pop socks. Right now I wanna go rock 'n' roll dancing in the old days. The Welsh call that shit Hiraeth, right? Dream residue is weird.

Never mind that though. In this life I have so much work to make up there is not time for such frippery. I'd love to stay but I gotta go. New music and visuals today. I hope the sun comes back. Sheeet! And when I got this tape done, it's gonna be time to make a video game. You'd have thought there was a dead easy way to skin manic miner, right? No such luck. I have come across a thing called TGB, for making 2D video games. I hope its not too difficult to learn. You know anything about making computer games?

Damn, I've gotten some mileage out of that Coke Wave. Album of the year so far. Who's gonna beat it?