Pop Ate Itself Years Ago Baby

Everybody knows that. But I still think The Beta Band's take on The Wallace Collection's Daydream is the best. Stupid I Monster. Who gives a fuck about that now, apart from Lupe Fiasco?

Anyone wanna give me a new brain? Mine's all melty.

Laced another track for the mixtape earlier, finished mixing the remaining that needed mixing. We are waiting for a verse from bad dad Marv The Marsh, and a telephoned in rap from Enveh, and we're done. Third Hand Wire Riffs will be with you on Thursday as promised. That is today. RAH! Prolly about lunchtime. Keep your eyes peeled.

Oh, that picture above was taken by a nice girl in a green dress - who asked me to play Joe Mangle once, which I have never done, and perhaps ought - at that gig we did in Cardiff last week or whenever it was. She took lots more, including a nice one of Martin and Tobe performing as Bravecaptain that she said was Zabrinsky. Whoo!