Poof! It gone.

ONE! I am doing a gig, you might have noticed. I shall be flying back from South By South West specialy, with teeth missing after some Texans get me, word. Fabric it is, and the line up is thus:

DJ Yoda (A/V Show) DJ Food Akira the Don (live) DJ Swamp The Beat Monkeys Room Two Andy C (3hr Set) Pendulum Matrix Futurebound MCs: E-LL & 2 Shy Room Three David Holmes Paul Epworth (Phones) Annie Mac (Radio 1) Fri 17th Mar 06 CHIBUKU SHAKE SHAKE Entrance 9:30pm - 5:00am £12 (£10 nus & Fabric First Members) Advance tickets available from TICKETWEB

Matt The Badsnake sent me that picture, by the way. It is a real thing. Safety!

"why is it that people in our country can not understand that it is not for them to question our prince and certainly not our queen who is the head of state by right of blood. there is a limit to liberalism and there is a line none of us should cross and that line is our royal family," Writes a lunatic called journals.aol.co.uk/faridetessami, which is a stupid name, in The Guardian's letters page today.

"my word," screams The Brave Captain, who sent it me, "do people still use the right of blood as a serious argument? i suppose it's better than 'appointed by god' but only just. the queen's 'right of blood' doesn't stretch back too far. there was the messy abdication business with that nazi couple and before that we had hanovers, oranges, stuarts, protectorates, king arthur, king rollo, king crimson, queen latifah and king doc. so if we got rid of this queen and installed mothboy and his dark brood on the throne, would journals.aol.co.uk/faridetessami still see fit to bow and scrape and talk about rights of blood?

i suppose if he played bass at his coronation everybody would."

Which is true. Mof kills bass dead.


I did a mix for James Hyman's XFM show. It was late, so it might not be on air till April now, but I shall let you know. It looks like this:

Akira The Don feat. JTWR, MissOddKidd, Solo & Narstie - Diamonds Are For Wankers Akira The Don feat. Method Man and Redman - How High Is Chris de Burgh Sway - Thief's Theme Freestyle Anth LaTue - Wishing On A Star Gonzales - A Thousand Faces Piranha Deathray - Parents System Of A Down VS Wu-Tang Clan - Shame The 80s Matchbox B-Line Disaster - Love Turns To Hate Madison - Radiate Bill Bailey - Three Women Pharaoh Monch & Lady Luck - Simon Says Remix YT - What A Wicked Act Akira The Don feat Mike, Necro & Janet - Scream Leadbelly - Cotton Fields RZA - Outline JTWR feat Miss Sovereign - It's All Your Fault AKira The Don feat Brian & Birddogg - The Conversation Akira The Don - Thanks For All The AIDS Immortal Technique - Caught In A Hustle Backworld - The Devil's Plaything Akira The Don feat Biggie & Oasis - Kick In The WonderWall

A few of those tracks will feature on the very soon to be unleashed ATD11.