A reader writes "Dear Adam (akira is a stupid name). I used to read your blog every morning with my cornflakes before i went to work, before I read the paper, before i spoke to anyone. It set me up for the day. It informed my life. But you changed, somwhere over the past six months. Why don't you write about politics anymore? I thought you were really getting somewhere... it was like if Hunter was born in the eighties. I know you sometimes still do, but not much, you've hardly said anything about Gordon Brown for instance. Why not? Dont you care anymore?

As you say, pax!


I have had a lot of letters like this, for the past however long, and I wasn't quite sure how to answer for a while. I do care. I care a lot. Just like Faith No More But. I care for we people, and our future - not so much for the pantomime our so-called leaders put on. That bores me now. Anyway, I was just reading this Grant Morrison interview, and he put it it very succinctly, so I'll copy paste that for you and co-sign it:

"Politics, in the sense of party antics and showbiz elections, is just misdirection and bullshit to divert our attention from the real work of the world, which is all done by very rich people we don't get to see much of. Once you've watched a couple of governments do their pathetic dance and come and go, you've really seen it all. The same kinds of people do exactly the same kinds of things and continually try to keep us interested in their daft, unconvincing shtick. I lost interest once I realised how boring, repetitive and stage managed the whole circus is, with even a new Bush cropping up every generation. All I want my elected officials to do is make the trains run on time and stop spending my tax money on useless weapons of war, so I'm already screwed."