Fuck an ID card.

Serious. Click that shit, put your name down. First we try the peaceful, reasoning, shit. If that fails, we take it to the streets. If that fails we run up on Charles Clarke and slice his fucking ears off. Blow up Parliment. Word.

A writer writing in Kerrang! said I "make Goldie Lookin Chain look like poets" today. Lady, Gee El Cee ARE poets! Don't hate! AND! Don't sleep! None a ya! Swiss' Pain Is Muziq done got national distribution, so you need to get the fuck out of your chair and go buy that shit right now, because it is a fucking beautiful record.


Man, I'm a form a funk thrash metal group and sign to Captains Of Industry, I just decided.

Oh, here's some good news from (welcome back!):

First of all, the long awaited and most anticipated 5th Ghostface album is finally taking form. So far 18 songs have been recorded. Producers include MF Doom, Louis Parker [not OUR Lewis Parker! Sweet!], Wisemen, Pete Rock and Nottz. The RZA is also scheduled to contribute beats to the album at a later stage. The album will include a song featuring the entire Wu-tang Clan including vocals by the late Ol' Dirty Bastard [RIP], as well as a song featuring Ghostface's son by the name of Sun God. Ghost says he's happy at Def Jam and has described his relationship with Jay-Z (current President of the Island Def Jam Group] as a very inspiring and supportive one [WHOO!]. The album is tentavily scheduled for a release in September, but most likely to change. Ghostface will also release a volume 2 to his '718' compilation on Koch Records later this year .