Plastik Surgery Is Weird Huh?

So, I happened upon Courtney Love's Myspace somehow, and I was shocked and ashamed to discover that she has FUCKED UP HER FACE with some knives. What fuckery is this? Shit! When I was 14 I thought Courtney Love was the BOMB.

Not so much now.

So, it's Brainwashed Manchurian Candidate McCain for the red team!

I promise you it'll be Hillary for the blues. It is written in the sands. I should put a bet on. If I am wrong about this I will listen to Beatles records non stop for a week.

So, those bees. Remember how all the bees have been disappearing (last year about 750,000 of the 2.5m hives in the US were wiped out in "mysterious circumstances", and the same thing is happening in Europe now), and what a scary prospect (DEATH FOR ALL!) no bees is? Adam Fletcher has alerted me to the impact of the bee's bugger-offage on the ice cream industry, who are talking about Colony Collapse Disease (CCD). "The mysterious and unique aspect of CCD," writes The Guardian, "is that the bees are not being found dead near their colonies. They are flying off; just abandoning their life's work, leaving behind the queen and a few younger bees."

What would make a bee do that kind of selfish, dude-like shit? Pesticides? Mobile phones? Global Warming-ah?

Hmm. Boffins have linked CCD with a virus imported from Australia known as IAPV or Israeli Acute Paralysis Virus, which merked a load of Israeli bees in 2004. The Aussies deny this vehemontley, mind. Anyway, the boffins have been breeding IAPV resistant bees. PRETTY CLEVER! Not necessarily a solution, given we're not sure it's IAVP doing the bee merkage. Still. The USDA are looking into solutions. And when I say USDA, I do not mean Young Jeezy's crew, fool. I mean the United States Department Of Agriculture, fool!

So, thanks Fletch for that update. You good people should feel free to keep my ign'ant ass updated, and don't be sad if I don't mail you back right away, I am a busy man! But I appreciate everything you do! Even the dumb stuff!

Thank Crikey for interwebs. Those dang post people don't seem to know where my house is. This is weak on their side. I live in the finest yard in all of East London. Damn!