Plasticine Dead Elvis Wins The Day

I emerged from the hermaphrodite wire-mother of all hangoevers last night to attend Jeres' Electric Quizard pub quiz, at its new location Public House in Angel. As you may recal, Quizard was at one time a collaborative quiz hosted and deejayed by Jeres and I, but I wasn't sure if I was going to be on tour for this one, so I bowed out. As it went, I wasn't on tour (anyone wanna help me book one?), so myself plus the wife, along with my little brother Zef and his common law wife, Mz Kelly Jordan made the journey, and linked with Hanna and Headen to form a mighty six-human quiz team.

We did OK at the questions, but we weren't paying as much attention as we might have, as we were engrossed in the Portray The Death Of A Rock Star In Plasticine round. A truly collaborative, Wu-styled effort it was too - I made the toilet and the legs, Hanna made the trousers and feet, Zef made the head, Kelly made the body, Charlotte made the burger and guitar, and peter made the drugs. Look that that incredible detail! Zef even curled the chest hairs. Amazing, No wonder we got 5 out of 5 for skill and an unprecedented 6 out of 5 for creativity. Pow!

In the end, our tea, named JIMMY SAVILLE after the godfather of deejaying and Fixing Things, romped home in an amazing second place, a mere point difference with the winners. We also beat my old friend Tobe and his team, which was joyous as they'd previously won every single Quizard there had been. Their plasticine rock star death - Sony Bono crashing into a pine tree on skis as a tiny plasticine Cher looked on in in horror - was pretty, pretty good... but Dead On The Bogs Elvis is the greatest rockstar death of all time.

As second prize winners our team was awarded a round of drinks, so we all had champagne and absinth cocktails that cost £10 each, apart from Charlotte, who is not drinking, and went for a rhubarb juice.

The next one is in December, and I am going because I have tasted victory and it was sweet.

On the winning team - a duo, in fact - was one Rory White Witch, whose band - the incomparable White Witches - will be playing a special Christmas show dunned White Witchmas in Dalston in a few weeks. I shall be attending, as it kicks of Christmas Season, and I love Christmas Season. We're going to be having ADVENT on akirathedon. com again, and I am readying a feats of glorious content for you to enjoy on a daily basis. HO HO HO brothers and sisters!