So, presumably all you Merkins walked out of school, or work, today, in protest of the BushCorp Mega-Genoicide Machine. Good for you! Those that haven't, walk now! Walking rules! It is good for one's arse. HOT 97 were gonna play this advert for the walkout, right, and mere seconds before it aired, evilscumcorp Emmis Communications, owners of the NY rap station, pulled the plug. Them's worried, evidently. FOOLS! SWINE! HAve at them with sticks!

So, one of my peoples just emailed me, saying:

Your promo is for sale on the bay of E. Link.

I can't say that I'd wouldn't love to own this, but I'm not sure that it's ethically correct. Can I buy one from you direct?!!"

Well, I personally don't have any promos, so no. I hadn't even seen one till just! It is very pretty, eh? In that generic, promo fashion. And just 99p! Bargainous!

Anyway, as a former music journalist who supplemented his income for years with the illegal sales of promo CDs on the internet, I can hardly object. So buy, buy, buy. Then you can buybuybuy the proper thing on November 1st cos it's got a beautiful sleeve what I drewed.