"Piped down"

I wrote yesterday: "Dude, today is STOKEFEST!

Yeah, we got us a festival in Stoke Newington. I mean, its more of fete. Its not bad or nuffink though. We saw Skinnyman play earlier."

Then I got distracted and didn't finish the post izzit. Hey though - this new ish I done dun with Narstie and Solo and Bashy and Matt F is AWETHOME, dude, serious.

I'm not trying to start a beef here but SAS's version of Diamonds? Oi. Nah.

Big up Jacko! CREAM! Now. Go home, tidy your bedroom, and make the greatest album of all time. I know you can do it!

I am still on part 2 of R Kelly's Closet drama. I will be copping the rest when I am done in the studio. It is so great.