First up, big up Chips, and the people of Manchester, for a fucking brilliant night the other. We had an excellent time, and I enjoyed climbing all over your tables and busting up your roof. Safe. I was woken up by my water heating today, which was doing some weird rumbling, and spent the rest of the day cleaning and unpacking boxes and things. I haven't actually been with my stuff since June. None of it. I've been living out of my goddamned grannycart, and now I don't have to. I kind of freaked out for a few days, but I'm starting to settle in now. With my stuff. I forgot about most of it. I have all these goddamned cloves and DVDs and books and CDs and records. And pieces of paper. And photos. And Batman figures.

Yep, shit is getting cosy for me over here. I figure I got a fortnight before my neck starts getting breathed on like baby dragons. Just enough time to get all this Equipment working. I am confused my my monitors, if I gots the red AND white phonos in the mixer at once the sounds all ghost-soupy. Any clues?

So, I was on the train back from Manchester, watching Barbershop, and my battery ran out. I was all, Goddamn! Because I didn't have and CDs or paper or pens or books. But then I notice they have goddamned PLUG HOLES underneath the table. On the train! So I plugged my thing back in and even got to watch the special features.

Barbershop< by the way, is pretty bittersweet.

This side of boxes and trains and Ikea packaging, I've not been plugged into the world. Casual glances at newsstands reveal nothing but the depths of Pete Dickerty's self obsession, and Abi Titmus' cleavage. Happily, you people keep my inbox stuffed with knowledge, like this grim shit from my boy Kid West. MAybe you saw this, maybe not. Readumanweep.

January 28th, 2005 9:49 pm BBC obtains Iraq casualty figures

Coalition troops and Iraqi security forces may be responsible for up to 60% of conflict-related civilian deaths in Iraq - far more than are killed by insurgents, confidential records obtained by the BBC's Panorama programme reveal.

Official figures, compiled by Iraq's Ministry of Health, break down deaths according to insurgent and coalition activity. They are usually available only to Iraqi cabinet ministers.

The data covers the period 1 July 2004 to 1 January 2005, and relates to all conflict-related civilian deaths and injuries recorded by Iraqi public hospitals. The figures exclude, where known, the deaths of insurgents.

Conflct-related civilian deaths in Iraq. July 2004 to January 2005 3,274 civilians killed in total

2,041 by coalition and Iraqi security forces

1,233 by insurgents

12,657 civilians wounded in total

8,542 by coalition and Iraqi security forces

4,115 by insurgents

The figures reveal that 3,274 Iraqi civilians were killed and 12,657 wounded in conflict-related violence during the period.

Of those deaths, 60% - 2,041 civilians - were killed by the coalition and Iraqi security forces. A further 8,542 were wounded by them.

Insurgent attacks claimed 1,233 lives, and wounded 4,115 people, during the same period.

Panorama interviewed US Ambassador John Negroponte shortly before it obtained the figures. He told reporter John Simpson:

"My impression is that the largest amount of civilian casualties definitely is a result of these indiscriminate car bombings.

"You yourself are aware of those as they occur in the Baghdad area and more frequently than not the largest number of victims of these acts of terror are innocent civilian bystanders".

The coalition has yet to respond to the figures.