Pillowcase Full Of Pistols

I delved into my MySpace today - it is a rare thing that I do that as the interface upsets me, and it is full of spam and crap bands and rappers trying to get me to listen to their nonsense. But, amongst the nonsense, were peppered scores of beautiful messages. Like this one, from a nice young girl in Korea: (that's her up there. Hey Jiin!)

Hi ! Akira !!!!!! ♡♥ my name is Jiin ! >_< I like u and I love your musics I'm korean(south) 18years old . I love all of yours ! Jiin

How cool is that? I am poor like a church mouse and unsure where next months rent is coming from, but so what? I reached Korea. I WENT THERE.

Non bogus!

So, track two of the Stephen Hague sessions went very well. I did lots of Singing and rattled the tar in my lungs. I don't know how Billie Holiday managed it. Anyway, after that I came home and wrote a pair of songs, interviewed The Bombs of Enduring Freedom for Metal Hammer, and discovered an ace rock act from San Francisco called A Band Called Pain.

We are all enjoying your working title suggestions over here. Right now my favorite is Thriller 2. At the end of the week I'm a do a top 5, and those that get top five will win an avatar. Which means I will draw an avatar for YOU! The winners! It might not look all that much like you. But it will be cool.

Wade tells me it's gonna be the Obomber VS POW McCain. I thin there's still time for White Witch Hillary VS Grave Sucking Rudi. What do you lot think? Give a shit, right?