Pictures Of A New Year

So, we woke up on January 1st. Well, I didn't fully wake up. But the PPF was screaming in agony, having danced too hard and done something rotten to its ankle. I had a black hole where my head used to be. Later we figured I'd been an angry asshole at Jeres. He thought he'd been an angry asshole. I had made the PPF angry with my angry. Or something. Hell, Ali had been starting fights with Frenchmen and headbutting people! CHILDREN! Stay away from intoxicants. Still. There are a great many rooms in the mansion. Forsooth:

"Dear Akira,

Dude thanks for sorting us on the guesslist sunday, was well touched you got me and all my crew on there. I bought a buncha people I knew not, but we all became friendly lovers , and them wot didn't know you said lots of nice things about you after. Even came with my brother this time, he danced like a gimp too. so, yeh!

My night somehow became a goose hunt with your alex, and ended us sitting on new cross platform, united in worldview, drunkenly confused and angry at the new year for already being so rude, dumping us in noisy south east london with no weed or home to be in. In hindsight however, all was as it should have been. Even the cold. Hope dude got home!

Anyway man, just dropping this one to say fanks. You lot totally made my new year,

Here's to a future,



(PS - don't watch executions, there is no point, it is rotten energies mayne)