Peter Bagge: The Megalomaniacal Spider-man

The-megalomaniacal-spider-manRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Seriously, I have been looking for this for years. YEARS. Everytime i go past a comic shop, i go in, and ask if they've got this. or any new Evan Dorkin. They never have either. And mostly they have never heard of either. Comic shops seem to mainly sell really expensive toys these days anyway. One of my ambitions as a kid was to have my own shop, that sold comics and records and huge goggles. I figured I could hang out all day reading comics and smoking fags and chatting up hot geek chicks. Maybe I'd live upstars, and have a studio up there or something.

One day, maybe. Right now I think there might be few dumber ideas than opening a comic shop in today's economic climate. Maybe joining the BNP (and asking for "absolute confidentiality"), or becoming President. Or a rapper. Loffaloffagus. Anyway - fie on all those useless comic shop dorks! Where they failed, my pal Colin has succeeded, and I now have a copy of Peter Bagge's The Megalomaniacal Spider-Man (yeah it's digital, but sheeet, at least i can read the thing!). Let us party like it weas 2099 and we were all Andrew WK!


Yes. And while the  Yousendit link lasts, you should all get it too. It is, after all, a comic book by Peter Bagge about Spider-Man. As if it's not amazing! Huzzah! Let's all call Colin a  G! G! G! G!