People Who Died

carroll So, I just back from cycling to Shoreditch and back in the pissing rain, and I find the following in my inbox:

Hey Akria,

I was wondering when I'd see a tribute to Jim Carroll, but then Patrick Swayze passed on as well. Unfortunate news.

R.I.P Jim and Patrick


The fuck? I take my head out of current affairs for 4 days and this terrible stuff happens? And people have actually been asking me for my opinion on Kanye West's actions this weekends. Fuck that foolishness! Let us applaud two fallen soldiers. Swayze was a straight up G, and Jim Carrol , aside from having wicked gravity, wrote one of my desert island discs. This one is for you, my brother.

STREAM: The Jim Carrol Band - People Who Died

From the classic LP Catholic Boy