Penelope Pitstop

The human beings/lab rats in Gitmo are on hunger strike. La Rouche gave a webcast, which I urge you all to watch, breaking down where we're at, how we got her, and how we get out.

On the TV behind me, MSNBC is questioning the sanity of the President and the urging people to, "in the words of Bruce Springsteen, 'rise up'".

The same network reported on the story of the six year old boy who did what that Resident would not, and led his little friends to safety.

Cheney finally showed up in New Orleans, and got told to go fuck himself.

A white liar on BET is telling us if we send him money, the Skygod will heal our back pain.

(The Red Cross, by the way, takes a 40% administration fee from all donated monies. You may also remember they ploughed 70% of the money donated in the wake of 9/11 to The War On Terror (TWOT). I would suggest you give your money to local charities, even though FEMA continues to deny aid releif to those not dead yet.)

This guy really hates horses.

Madison was telling me about a friend of hers, a reporter and no stranger to war zones, who was in New Orleans over this past fortnight, and described what as he saw as the most vile, and shocking scenes he had witnessed anywhere. "Dehydrated people were literally exploding in the streets," he said. Popping like balloons.

And still they are. As I write, still no water, and no ice, have been allowed to the people of New Orleans.

Me, I went to the gym, enjoyed a roof party in the middle of Broadway, got in trouble at Soho House for questioning the Nazi attitudes of a member of staff, danced to rap music, and wrote a song called Genocide Is Coming To The USA.

Tomorrow James and I begin our final week. The vocals, and the music are all pretty much done. So Thursday will see the completion of another three songs, Bankers, Thanks For All The AIDS, and Dear Baby, a song once known as Cut You In The Face that now has new words and synths.

My time in New York is once again drawing to a close. Soon I will leave my dear apartment on 12th and Broadway, and fly back to La la land. I hope this week doesn't go too quickly. I try to live in the moment, for my memory is poor. Soon all of this will be gone.

PS - 8 Tips On How To Avoid Dealing With The Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Really Obvious Racial Dimensions of the New Orleans Tragedy, As Taught To Me By Television And The Web Over The Last Week And

George Bush Does NOT Care About Black People