Peeling Celing

Wandering home at 1am or whatever it was this morning as the snow cascaded down in great clumps, I looked up into the sky and felt blessed.

This morning my hangover and the sub-zero temperature inspired a somewhat less grateful response. Our house, full of holes and cracks as it is since next door got knocked down by a goddamn steel boulder on a chain, cannot contain heat for more than an hour, and we've never been able to work out how to automate the central heating, so mornings are intense affairs these days. But never mind that: snow is fucking with our T shirts! This just in from my supplier:

Hey, everything is on standby due to the snow. Plain tees can't come in and nothing can get collected. More snow is forecasted, so it's with the gods I'm afraid. Sorry for not letting you know sooner.

This country's inability to deal with cold weather every goddamn year is yet another example of how crap our so-called civilisation really is. Now I'm going to have to get some special extra stuff together to put in your packages when the things finally arrive to make up for the delay. Cot-damnit!

Still, productivity is high like Giraffe vajayjay over here, and exciting stuff happens every second. We had a meeting to organise The Life Equation's sleeve shoot last night, which is going to be a thing of intense beauty and a timeless work of art. And when I got home Mary Wycherley had sent me through the photos she took of me a few weeks back and they are ace. Some of them are downright incredible. Not only that, but I got the thumbnails for The Life Equation's first video through from Jorden. Did I mention me and Jorden Oliwa are working on the video for the first single from The Life Equation? Well, I have now. Here's a picture of him drawing the thumbnails:

You can see more of those, and marvel at dude's incredible work over on his blog. This, for example, is a video he did for an Evelyn Evelyn song:

Interestingly, this is not the only animated video I am working on right now, and Jorden is not the only the only animator I'm working with. More on that soon... suffice to say I am REALLY EXCITED.

Yeeeeah. So, shout out whoever put together the music for Beyond Walford - Roxy Mitchel, which was on the telly the other day. They used three (3!) of my songs! Ching! Shout out everyone that texted, emailed tweeted me in excitement also. It's nice having music on the telly. I dunno why. I haven't time to ponder the psychological ramifications. It just is.

So. you know I went back to that ghetto dentist in Homerton the other day? I was getting a wee filling, right, and I was lying down in the chair, staring at the yellowed, peeling ceiling, my face just having been paralysed by some kind of rude electric shock type thing, and my dissaproving, locustlike, mildly sinister dentist let out a squeaky, sneaky, and worst of all stinky fart RIGHT BY MY HEAD, I went, "mmmrrrrfffwgh!" in protest, and he ignored me. Foul! I have no idea why I go there, I really don't. I didn't even get NHS prices, because I missed my last appointment. My girl thinks I am nuts. There's a posh dentist she goes to in the centre of town that I signed up with but its too far, and posh dentists weird me out a bit. There is something perversely comforting in the squalor of mine.

My first dentist, back in Wales during the 80s and apartheid was a creepy white South African who used to stick his big sausage fingers in my mouth with no gloves on. I could see the tiny bits of dirt stuck in his pores as the big nail-bitten sausage fingers went in, and I would squirm and heave a little, but I tried my very best to be brave. I have always tried my very best to be brave.

OK, I am off to the post office now to deliver people's PRINTS. Stay safe out there!