Peace, See Gods Y'all Held Me Down Like A Weapon

mess First off, thank you so, so much to all of you that donated to the Save Adam's PC found. I was shocked and humbled by your generosity. True stories, my tummy went funny and I got all teary. Your reward surely awaits you in heaven, which is here on Earth, in the form of some musics I'm gonna send you when the thing's back online, hopefully Thursday.

My people, have ye a warning - stay the fudge away from PC World. I cycled half an hour through the pissing rain down there on Saturday to cop a motherboard, to no effect, necessitating a further three journeys to buy a fan and a processor that weren't necessarily necessary given the motherboard turned out to be defective, and already opened before they flogged it to me, thus likely a return - a practice I hear they're into.


Dr Keef Small is taking the thing off my hands sometime today, so with the luck of the angels it'll be back in business in a few days. Meanwhile, i am taking your words of advice regarding switching to Mac onboard - I can't afford that kind of shit right now, but as soon as i can, I think I will (and I'm a take you up on your offer for Stokey Crack Help, 2tits).

For now, I'm doing all I can with this laptop of mine. It is not a terrible machine, but it can't handle the kind of audio punishment I put the main machine through, that's for sure. I'm a have a go at doing a podcast on it though (I haven't forgotten your Bloodred!)

So, with all this fuckery going on, I have been unable to upload the ATD 2008 instrumentals, which was the lats part of the remix contest. Well second to last part. I'm also gonna be wanting you to ring a number and leave messages for me to include on the remixtape. Cool non?

So, I've been trying to figure the best way to do that. It's either cop a simcard, or one of these things. Could someone with the ability to call the USA test this bugger? I can't, I'm barred. HA!