Palling Around With (The Sons Of) Terrorists

Rahm Emanuel Downey Jr Wow, that election feels like a long time ago. Now I'm getting antsy. I want my Change. "WHERE'S MY CHANGE?" I cried, in the grocers this afternoon, shuffling about in my pockets, trying to buy some tobacco. How we laughed.

Then I got back in and read about Obama's new Chief Of Staff, Rahm Emanuel. He's a young, Robert Downey Junior looking 48, and former Bill Clinton staffer (!!!). He started out directing the Elect Billy campaign's finance committee, and ending up as Senior Advisor to the President for Policy and Strategy. He later become an investment banker, making a cool $16.2 million in two-and-a-half-years, and was named to the Board of Directors for the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (Freddie Mac) by Prez Billy in 2000. He resigned in 2001 and successfully ran for congress, where he set about doing awesome things like supporting the invasion of Iraq, and raining oceans of cash on pro-war candidates of various offices.

Emanuel has a legendarily ragefull temperament, as Stephen Colbert knows well - a cursory glance at Wikipedia reveals he is said to have "mailed a rotten fish to a former coworker after the two parted ways," and that on the night after the 1996 Presidential election, "Emanuel was so angry at the president's enemies that he stood up at a celebratory dinner with colleagues from the campaign, grabbed a steak knife and began rattling off a list of betrayers, shouting 'Dead! ... Dead! ... Dead!' and plunging the knife into the table after every name."

Deleted just minutes ago from that Wiki is this nugget:

"...he was known for his intensity. Notably, he reportedly told British Prime Minister Tony Blair, prior to Blair appearing in public with Clinton for the first time after the Lewinsky scandal, "This is important. Don't fuck it up.""

Referring to an incident during the young Rottweiler's youth in which he had his middle finger partially amputated, Barrack Obama joked at Emanuel's roast last year, "it almost rendered him mute."

Ho ho!

Funny guys, these. Like Emanuel's father Benjamin -  a member of the fascist terrorist group Irgun, which was responsible for bombing hotels, marketplaces as well as the infamous Deir Yassin massacre of in 1948, in which hundreds of Palestinian villagers were slaughtered - he's proud, and confident his son will pursue Pappa's passion. "Obviously he will influence the president to be pro-Israel," he said. "Why wouldn't he be [influential]? What is he, an Arab? He's not going to clean the floors of the White House."

Heck no! He's gonna Chief the Staff! You know what that involves?

Me neither, really. But Wiki does!

Job duties The roles of the Chief of Staff are both managerial and advisory and can include the following duties, depending on the President's style of conducting business:[4]

[edit] Managerial Select key White House staff and supervise them Structure the White House staff system Control the flow of people into the Oval Office Manage the flow of information

[edit] Advisory Advise the President on issues of politics, policy and management issues Protect the interests of the President Negotiate with Congress, other members of the executive branch, and extragovernmental political groups to implement the President's agenda Some[who?] have suggested that a powerful Chief of Staff with a "hands-off" president (who decides not to become involved in the minutiæ of government), can become a de facto prime minister. Such prime ministers exist in some governmental systems, such as France's and Russia's: The prime minister runs the government (operations-wise), while the president remains somewhat aloof from the political process, but personally handling policy matters. Under Ronald Reagan, Donald Regan was seen by many[who?] as a prime minister-style Chief of Staff following James Baker. Howard Baker, who succeeded Regan, was critical of this system and what is sometimes known as the "Imperial Presidency."[citation needed]

By contrast, Andrew Card, President George W. Bush's first Chief of Staff, was not regarded as being as powerful. Some have speculated that this was due to Card being "overshadowed" by the influence of Karl Rove, the Senior Adviser and Deputy Chief of Staff who was "the architect" of Bush's political rise.[5] Similarly, President Bill Clinton's Chiefs of Staff were not particularly powerful...."

Holy crap! That's a big ass job right there! That beats sitting around at Freddie Mac! This guy is going places! And he's taking us with him!

But where, might we wonder?

Well, in 2006 Emanuel and his buddy Bruce Reed wrote a book called The Plan: Big Ideas for America. Amongst the many pearls cast before swine contained within, lurked this little beauty:

“We need to fortify the military's ‘thin green line ‘around the world by adding to the U.S. Special Forces and the Marines, and by expanding the U.S. army by 100,000 more troops. …Finally we must protect our homeland and civil liberties by creating a new domestic counterterrorism force like Britain's MI5.” Recall that Obama has been calling throughout his recent campaign for an addition of 92,000 to the US Army and US Marine Corps."