Painting Bricks White For The Ultimate Victory!

Photo by Charlotte Whewell


Or you thought Maybe I got kidnapped by Bat Mite?



I am not dead!


I did, however, abandon my website for a full TWO DAYS, which was pretty harsh, I know. I hope you survived.

Me, I was rennovating my studio. Moved everything out of it, painted it, chopped furniture in half. My girl painted the bricks and wood that comprise my bookshelves. White. They look pretty awesome now. Hell, I even went through ALL MY VINYL, putting the right slabs of plastic back in their sleeves, and splitting the records into categories:

Rock & Pop Hip-hop Post 90s electronic Compilations/Instrumental/Soundtracks

That totally messed up my back for some reason, but I feel like a new man, damnit. I am full of warm satisfaction, and FRESH POTENTIAL. All I need now's an A1 clip frame for my Batman & Robin poster. And to trim and mount my Wire Wall. That's gonna be hectic. Did I ever show you my wire wall? THAT IS A BEAST!

Speaking of which, when I moved in here, two years ago, I spent a full day and a night untangling a ball of wires the size of a stuffed bin liner, and hanging them all neatly on my new Wire Wall. I was listening to Stephen Fry reading Harry Potter. So it was fitting then, that as I finished off painting my studio this weekend, so too did I reach the end of Mr Fry's rendition of the final Harry Potter book. It was enjoyable, I have to admit, even if it was predictable as politicians. Speaking of which, I also finished watching The Century of Self. That was brilliant, and I urge you all to make some time to watch it for yourselves.

Anyway, you'll get to see my new studio, or at least the part that's in shot on Wednesday at 5pm GMT during the All New Weekly Doncast! Speaking of which, one of the recipents of the last show's Live Request Dedication (Werewolves!, in case you missed it), Miss Tabitha, age 11, sent me this awesome imagey poem thing:

Thank you Tabitha! Cool and Fool are pretty much my favourite words to rhyme. You have great taste! And you're right, I should have heard you howling along! I might have to open up a phone line for that very purpose...

Right, back to the lab. Keep it peeled in this direction for futher REVEALAGE on Friday's teasing...