Today my elbow is a raw wound, my right knee is twice the size it usually is, my back appears to have been stomped upon, a strange bruise illuminates my right cheek, and numerous aches and pains plague my bones. Last night was, obviously ace. It was so ace, I remember most of it, and despite feeling like fluey shit all day yesterday, last night was fucking AMAZING. I had the best time. I basically played my favourite records ALL NIGHT... and did some rapping. I played A 15 minute live set, airing out the new versions of Liverpool, London, and Oh! (What A Glorious Thing), and Clones got its first airing. IT WAS DOPE! After Spiky and David Deejayed for a bit, and then I did again, and I freestyled over the Pet Shop Boys and Ozzy and Nirvana and Lil Flip and PRIME WU... and people went off it to Chris De Burgh and 99 red Balloons and that Sage/Verve mashup and danced right to the end. Safesafesafe. I wanna do that every day. So, I'm with James and Jeff in this nice studio in Manhattan, and Liverpool's basically DONE, and it sounds amazing, so there.

Whaddya mean I left my laptop charger there though? Gayme.

OK, I know from experience reading Nicholas Stix is stupid, but for some reason I did again. I should have guessed he'd have an opinion on Palestine, but what an opinion! I haven't seen such a spastic and folorn arrangement of words since I read the lyrics to that The Others album.