Wow, my right arm is FUCKED UP, baby. I been drawing all day innit. Zef and I are very close to completion of this Living In The Fuuture. Those monkeys above appear towards theend, for a milisecond. Actually, there's a lot of mad complicated stuff that I spent eight hours drawing that is onscreen for a milisecond. Zef's done this mad complex war scene with oil being drilled and people being beheadded and all sorts, you will blink and you will miss it. WORD.

Oh, I keep forgetting there are people out there that still think it was sandniggeragheadterrorristas what blew up those buildings in New York. So read this. Even if you've been paying attention, read it anyway, it is very good, and sheds new light on some aspects. And I was previously unaware about that money trail. That is one cerrrazy money trail.