Out Of Your Sight.

All of the peopleIn all of this land There stands a doctor Glass of wine in hand Together we live Together we stand One part of one thing An endless strand Pink Ninja, 2006

There's a little girl who lives on my block, who I see most days. She helped me move in - as Trey and I lugged glass cabinets up three flights of stairs, this girl heaved herself up the same on her rollerblades, carrying shoeboxes full of CDs. She told me her name that day, but I forgot it. I feel bad about that, but I've been here since January, and it seems a bit late to ask again now. I'm hoping one day her mother calls her in for her tea when I'm about and I catch it.

Anyway. I was just getting in from the gym, and she was down the other end of the block, on her bike. I waved at her, and she came cycling over, all excited. "Adam, Adam!" she shouted. "I've got something for you."

She pulled up, and opened her little hand, and said, "Look! Green beans! There's loads of them down there. You can put them in some water and have them for your lunch."

She gave me one, and started to pull apart at the casing of another. "They're only small," she said, a little sadly. "But they're good."

Which is true.