RIP Proof, you talented, misunderstood, large toothed bastard.

Did you see Eminem's Toy Soldiers video? Proof got shot in that. Gross.

Martin messaged me the other day.

"See them gospels they've unearthed and translated?

see, judas did the right thing grassing up his mate. it was all part of the master plan to help jesus save mankind. judas has been a stick with which to beat the jews for centuries but now he's ok. he was doing it for the team and his reward is eternal playstation with our loving father.

the message being - turning on your own and turning in your own is ok if it's for The Cause.

who say so? The National Geographic Society.

in? Washington.


Ho ho.

Adam Green is back! I haven't heard the album, but I am told it is full of strings, so I hope it is like his second one, which was amazing, rather than the third, which was OK.

One of the songs is called Drugs

"Yeah, the reason I wrote 'Drugs' is because I like drugs," he told PlayLouder. "You know?"

That guy up there? A dude called Mango Charlie sent it me via MySpace.

"easy akira, you're playing in cardiff soon where i live some times, which is banging. this fella is called hard gay, he is a japanese super hero who saves the world by being REALLy hard and REALLY gay, i thought you might enjoy." I do!

I am playing the Escape festival in Swansea in June you know. So are GLC. Interviewed recently about the thing, Billy Webb was asked who else he was looking forward to seeing.

"definitely gonna checkout akira the don who is an old acquaintance of the chain," said he, "planet pendulum, hype and most of the Raveology tent, i think thats where the best time'll be for the dreamscape-white glove-rave will never die crowd."

Rah! I shall convince Xain to produce me and Method Man's duo LP.