Operation Paperclip

Last bank holiday weekend I didn't know it was bank holiday weekend until Monday morning, but this time I was prepared. Maybe that is why I managed to do pretty much all the things I really like doing, or takes upon the themes of. I mean, I didn't really have to try. People were bound to come round and make noises. I could hardly avoid sleeping. I had a fucking ace sleep in the middle of it all, long and warm and deep and untroubled by nightmares. I flopped from one enjoyable circumstance to another for four days, and came out at the end of it happier, older AND wiser.

BOOM! Plus I have about ten songs all lying on my harddrive waiting to be mixed, I saw two dope movies (Elephant, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) one not-too-dope-movie that was still highly enjoyable as it was black and white and French and starred Vanessa Paradis, I smoked some weed, I enjoyed the delights of the park in Battersea, what with its booze-addled Buddha and its monkeys and its amazing tree spirits (see above) and its drunken fishermen. I had walks. I enjoyed some excellent David Lynch moments, an Aldous Huxley moment, a Sinatra moment - a God moment... I danced a little. I got bought french toast! Serious! AND I played cricket with my neighbourfriends Jeres and Soraya, AND we got caught in a weird storm and sheltered under a big tree, AND they both fell over during the day and I never, so evidently this was a weekend of Donnisity, and I hope you all enjoyed it too.

While all this was goig on, my NY twin Madison posted a video for that bossface song of hers what is called Radiate and I played on that XFM mix I did for James Hyman recently. It is proper.

I will write properly on the morrow, but for tonight, sleep well, and watch out for those pesky chemtrails. PAX!