Once The Drugs Are Done

Hot with no sun is weird. Having to find a house to live in when you're not rich is hard work.

Getting rung up by debt collectors for money you shouldn't actually owe at all, had fairness anything to do with anything, is depressing.

Discovering you were charged out the ass for a service you did not use for 5 months is depressing as well.

When you tell property managers and letting agents you want to live in Stoke Newington, they show you relatively cheap houses in Clapton.

This is deceptive and shystish.

Stoke Newington is lovely.

Clapton is a shithole.

My flatmates would rather live somewhere very cheap and shitty than somewhere less cheap and pretty.

I see why.

I get it.

Really though.

I am not best pleased with what money does to us.


Some of the best things in life

If not free

Are dead cheap.

I shall hop on my bike and ride in a minute.


That'll show the lot of 'em.