Ole Tattoos

zilla NEW WEEK! GO!

Some of us are still recovering from Saturday night, right? I say us because I am inclusive, but I'm OK. I was stuck behind the decks for 4 and a half hours while e'rbody else was chugging it like there was a drought on. I see you directing Michael, getting in a barney with King Zombie!

Dogstar was mega fun though, thanks to everybody that came down. It was exciting to see our lil' movie on a big screen, at 11pm on Halloween in a room full of mashups, and it was awesome playing Baggy Trousers right afterwards. Great to meet some of you people I know from the comments section here too.


So, the next outing? Me and the my awesome band are gonna be playing a FULL LIVE GIG at our Christmas party in London. We've hied a boat. That's right.


Shit is gonna be beautiful and we're gonna party so hard it might sink.

Put December 4th in your diary. More soon.

So, those evil Fox dudes are marking the show's 20th anniversary (damn that makes me feel vintage!) by running a competition to design a new Simpsons character. If I didn't have enough tasks for an army of Don Clones to complete to, um, complete, I'd so win that. I used to spend a lot of time drawing Simpsons. Hence my tattoo. That tattoo is celebrating its 13th anniversary about now. I remember the guy's face when I showed him the design. He was all like, "are you sure?" And I was like, "yeah!" And he was like, "and are you sure you're 18?" And I was like, "oh, yes, definitely," cos I was a bloody good liar in those days. I can't lie for the life of me anymore. My whole face is one big Tell. I no longer have the brain cells required to carry out the operation. I killed them all with cheap ecstasy tablets between '99 and 2001. Learn from my mistakes, little ones! I wish I still had all those brain cells. Some of them were involved in handling my short term memory. Damn, I miss those lil' dudes.

Still, my long term memory seems to be getting a little better with age. It just came back to me, for instance, that I sold my Homer Simpson/BCFC tattoo design to a fellow I worked with at the world famous  Thomas Morale Sauce Factory in Redditch for 40 bar. That dude was already old even then, so that means there's two of us wandering the earth with the same weird tattoo, and one of them is wrinkly.

Speaking of old times, Adam Walton asked me to pick four songs that were instrumental in my evolution as a music making person and talk about them on his BBC Radio Wales show last night. You  might be surprised at some of my choices. Or not. Listen back here, anyway.

Oh, and I saw Up yersterday. I blubbed for most of it. Absolutely wonderful movie, I cannot reccomend it highly enough.