Ola From La Manga!

Whaddup brothers and sisters! I write to you from La Manga Club, a Prisoner-styled holiday village Murcia, Spain. The Sun is shining, Sky News is screaming of financial Armageddon, and the presenters aren't allowed to sit down any more, giving it all a more urgent edge. I'm off down the pool in a minute but first I thought I'd take advantage of the free wireless Internet in the local Si! restaurant to do some Internet business, while I still can! David Cameron is promising to save my job, mortgage, pension and savings, but he's talking to the wall. Personally, I don't have a job, a mortgage, a pension or any saving, so David Cameron can't help me. Anyway, I have God on my side. Shit, the Big Man gave me a new bed on Friday! Having suffered seven months of "sleep" on what feels like a wet potato sack full of spanners me and my better half we in a state of nightly despair, until,  - bing! - (Que heavenly light shining down) we found an orthopedic mattress parked behind the bins out front of our house. Still part wrapped and everything! So long as it doesn't have fleas we are lucky lucky people.

Via the miracle flooded toilets, God also upgraded my uncle and auntie's timeshare villa from a two bed to a three, so we've been upgraded from the sofa bed to a beautiful dungeon chamber. He saw fit to provide me with some new swimming trunks and a Hard Rock cafe T Shirts, which magically appeared in my bag. I am all set. I shall fear no lack of Socialist bail-out, for I walk with The lord, and He walks with Me. hallelujah!

Oh, and regarding the ATD16 accapellas - I didn't have time to render them all before leaving on Saturday, so you'll have them when I get back next week. PAXUS WOW!