OK, Now We're Getting Somewhere...

Well gang, I listened to your comments, I slept, I dreamed, I did some world-class rapping (hold tight Mothboy!), I opened a business account, I researched some new conduits, then I sat down 45 minutes ago with the new Cam'ron mixtape and Manga Studio 4, and mashed this out.

We're definitely getting somewhere now. This lil dude's got personality. I haven't even given him a recognisable outfit yet, but this is definitely going in the right direction. Might need simplifying a little. Glasses is a no-no cos they restrict the eyeballs - and anyway, I got my contact-lens prescription, and as soon as I've got a spare £40 I'm getting me a six month supply. Mainly so I can rock the 3D glasses I robbed from the cinema after I saw Up. I swear those things have luck in them.

Anyway. What do you reckon?