There was a near disaster with my EP yesterday, and I had to rerecord 'Oh! (What A Glorious Thing)' last night at the last minute, in its entirety, from scratch - scratch being that fucking lush Nico sample anyway. And you will be glad to learn it turned out lovely. h jones x played a delighful bass line on my accoustic guitar, and Birddogg added a tapestry of scratchy joy. Unfortunately, Kool Kid Fresh was uncontactable, so in place of his verse we now have a sort of middle eight thingy, which I rather like. Kool Kid will return on the album. P Mo too was not picking up, so we are without bone. However, revisiting S J Artscum's saxophone from the original demo proved an inspiration. Lala.

It is raining here in London, but I don't mind. My weed plants continute to flourish, and on Monday I shall be in Miami.