OFF TO V 2012!


Right! My bag of tricks is packed, my ride is here, and I am off north to host the Virgin Media Our House PARTY SPOT at V Festival North for the second year running. POW!

Last year was so successful they've multiplied the potential party scope of this by three times, AND I've been commissioned to make a visual movie film record of the proceedings, so Mighty Tom Coles and Benson are in tow with cameras and lights and tripods and things to document the proceedings. Turn up and help us make a beautiful artwork!

Once again the Clash DJs will be rocking the living crap out of the place, while I leap up and down on the spot for two days straight, popping back to my Nan's house to sleep when it gets past cinderella time. I am excited, and while I am leaving my wife alone with the tummy wriggler, I did build us a new bed last night, so there is balance in the universe. This is a momentous moment in our family history - our first brand new bed and mattress! The last one we found behind the bins outside, after wishing for a replacement for the spring-burst death trap that came with our rented accommodation. That hulking great we found behind the bins was not the cleanest looking sleeper in the world, but it was a step up at the time. Over the years it deteriorated to a level of outright back breaking hostility, of course, but now, in this auspicious year of our Lord 2012 AD, our family can afford to buy brand new king sized beds with comfy and firm mattress and John lewis pillows. It is a joyous time, and proof that hard work, consistence, and a dogged refusal to give up and get a Proper Job pays off.


Right, see you at our House! I'll be the one in the Super Mario lounge pants leading the crowd in prayers to the internet. Keep an eye on the Blob Blog - I've routed my instagram to there, so you'll be able to see what I'm up to. it's gonna fuck up the front page, as I haven't sussed how to auto generate thumbnails, but we will have to live with that. Let us boogie!