squirrel_nuts_1I think I developed a nut allergy yesterday. It seemed that way, anyway. I was eating some nuts, then suddenly my face started itching real bad, like, and my right eye exploded, a big, red, wet sop of a thing. Today I am still somewhat itchy. Pah! This sucks balls, I am telling you straight. I have been a lover of nuts all my life, and you can leave your crap jokes at the door, this ain't funny bubba! The problem I have now is working out which nut it was that set me off. The bag was mixed after all. Why, there were Brazil nuts, walnuts, peanuts, hazel nuts, pecan nuts, almonds... crap! And is it a case of not even being able to touch them? The packet's still on my desk, with one nut in it, winking at me. I am kind of scared of it. I had a date one time, wherein this girl came round my house, with a  nut allergy. Her face blew the fuck up on impact with my living room. Wade had had a peanut butter sandwich in there eight hours previously. How lame is that? I have always felt terrible for nut allergic types, especially since peanut butter sandwiches are God's way of saying he loves lunch.

Ah well. In other news, your entries for the remix competition are sounding effing brilliant. At thus rate the remix project is gonna crap over everything I've done to date. Hot dang!