Number 2 and CLIMBING!

Yes, we are at NUMBER 2 in the Hype Machine Twitter charts, above Robyn and Andre 3000 and Radiohead and hot on the heels of LCD Soundsystem. HOOOO-GRAAAAAAAAH!

BIG UP EVERYBODY who's been involved in this historic feat! And it's not over. Number one is within our grasp. Multiple votes seem to count, perversely enough, so GET IN and LET's GET THAT NUMBER ONE! For as Chilly Gonzales so wisely noted on Presidential Suite:

"It's a popularity contest You've just got to put it in context."

Yes indeed.

Anyway. As I mentioned on twitter earlier, I awoke at the crack of dawn today with a terrible burning pain in my belly, and lo I did run to the bathroom heaving painfully, eventually spattering the bathtub with a foul red acid slop, reminiscent of the Martian Weed from Jeff Wayne's War Of The Worlds...  the stuff stripped all the enamel off my teeth and has left me feeling pretty shit, to be honest, therefore I am cancelling today's Doncast, as I don't want to deliver anything subpar, and, as noted last week, the royal We are charging the format to something BIGGER and MORE AWESOME.

So sorry if you, like, took the day of work or anything crazy like that.

Anyway, last night's meeting was fruitful, you'll be glad to know. Momentum around this here Don seems to be picking up beautifully, which spells Good News for that long awaited Life Equation... I shall be letting you know very soon how you can get involved in the artwork. It's gonna be a flipping masterpiece.

OH YEAH! I forgot to say - my little brother Zef was trying to fix the whole navigating past the first page issue last night, and somehow broke the comments section, and some other stuff. Hopefully that will be fixed soon, but in the meanwhile you can send messages via Twitter and Facebook.

EDIT: It's fixed! Zef coached his girl Kelly through the process on the telephone. Amazing. Maybe they can do the new website that way. Win!