Nothing Lasts Forever

eandh Ola gang!

One and half days in bed, a number of ridonculous cocktails, and we're off. I'm in Hastings right now with The Incomparable Envy and Dr Stephen Hague recording LP2's tragic break-up song. It is brilliant. I've had to rewrite some of my stuff. Too many fucks. And drug references. For such a massive song. Hague was telling us about when him and New Order were recording True Faith, and exorcising drug lines from the demo. Tale as old as time. Me and Envy both used to think "getting high", which people were aways doing in pop songs, meant acheiving enlightenment. Narstie still does.

ANYWAY! Have at ye some crappy Blackberry photos! My girl got a G phone, it is amazing and I am green like Hulk in the eighties.

hague Hague says: "nice"

enveh Envy going off on some tosser...

ali BONUS!  Ali, last night, a monument to sadness after foolishly downing the chilli that was living in cocktail.