NO WAY! No One Got Killed!

Photo by The Mighty Keith

Man, I am amazed. As mentioned in the previous Main Blog post (not Blob Blog, the last thing mentioned there was MF Borat), I spent the weekend in a great big rented house in Wales with my Mother's side of the family and all my brothers and a bloody ton of wine... and no one got stabbed or anything! Not one argument did I witness! Not one harsh word! I didn't even see a dirty look! IT WAS FLIPPING MENTAL!

I also spent the time looking way cooler than I usually do, in part thanks to this totally awesome hat my cousin Gail bought me, and a Japanese Sunburst bandanna that came free withThe Dandy. Sorry, not The Dandy - they've re-branded it "Dandy EXTREME", no word of a lie. The Beano is now called "Beano MAX!"

Our culture is so far past parody at this point Chris Morris may as well throw himself off the Severn Bridge like Richey Manic. No wonder Peter Kay is so popular.

Actually, Richey Manic threw himself off that bridge in Newport, didn't he? The one with the angel's from the Stone Roses LP on it. YOU KNOW THE ONE!

Also, I really liked Phoenix Nights.

Yes. So, awesome weekend was had by all. Unfortunately I am now behind on my Great Works again, so this post must remain regrettably brief. But there are treasures in that there Blob Blog, so go have a party over there, while I get the rent and my sexy new gym membership paid. YES I JOINED A GYM AGAIN. I have my induction at 5. Wish me luck! Last time I had one of those I injured myself on the Jesus Machine. Actually, did I ever tell you about when I was living in New York and I had a personal trainer for a fortnight? After my first session with the bastard - a former emcee and friend of Biggie's, for the record - I staggered out of the place (Fresh in the Lower East Side) and VOMITED IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD.


Oh, before I forget, I'm on the Telegraph's website! They dropped an article on my Street Fighter Mixtape!

Composed and arranged by upcoming hip-hop artist Akira the Don, the mixtape is a joyous celebration of the music and SFX samples that have formed the soundtrack for the series over the last 17 years.
The wash of nostalgia as recognisible themes kick in is indelible, but it’s a terrific slice of inventive, experimental music in its own right. I can’t lay claim to know a great deal about the genre, but its ethereal sampling, curious mix of 8-bit music and energetic vocals are mesmerising. Ok, so it doesn’t go anywhere near the absurdly cheesy (but no less catchy) pop of the ‘Indestructible’ theme from Street Fighter IV, but you can’t have everything. Well worth a listen, for Street Fighter and hip-hop fans alike.
Shout out Matt Muir. G! G! G!