No, Really - Happy New Year! Yes, from me and from Akira The Don From The Future, seriously, no, really - HAPPY NEW YEAR!

This is the big one.

We are going to do amazing things, you and I.

I can tell, from the manner in which the sun floods my studio this morning. Where does all the dust come from? And where does it go? These are all mysteries.

Anyway, as you know, I pretty much took a week off. A week off Twitter, a week of Internets full stop. I didn't visit a single rap website. So I had no idea that internets supergroup Slaughterhouse are at war with Benzino, or that  Raekwon is saying he's putting two LPs out this year, or that Sensual Seduction architect Shawty Redd has been arrested for murder, or that Elton John has been helping Eminem with his drug addiction. Hell, Jay-Z dropped another fashion-mag-looking pop-video that's got everybody screaming about him being an Illuminati Satanist, apart from Talib Kweli, who says "y'all need to step y'all conspiracy theories up."

You know, I think I was fine without knowing all that stuff, so maybe this year I should read less rap websites.

How's that for a resolution?I watched the first episode of KINGS last night with my typically brilliant roast. I enjoyed it. It stars Ian McShane as a contemporary Monarch if a fictional kingdom, prolonging war due to the blackmail of dark financiers. Mr Lacey, AKA our old pal JTWR, just rang me, and was filling me in in the New Climate Of Terror Related, Um, Terror sweeping the USA's news networks in the wake of the Suspicious Christmas Incident. I think I'd have been fine not knowing about that as well. I think I agree with March 2009 self, still.


And speaking of which, big up superstar writer Kieron Gillen who put Steven Wells (He Was The Greatest!) in his celebrated Tracks Of The Year list. I didn't do any of that myself, but I am finding other people's very useful. Kieron's, for example, hipped me to this shockingly decent new Manics joint Heaven 17 cover which had totally passed me by.

So. I shall also resolve to hip you to more dope stuff.

I also resolve to Be My Best, like they do in Dollhouse. How about you?