No Behaviour

Know what I'm doing? ATD13.

Know what those Imperialist swine that run the US have called the suicide of three Gitmo inmates this weekend? "A PR exercise"


Like, WOT?

According to the Independent, "Rear-Admiral Harry Harris of the US Navy, the prison commander, claimed the men were " committed jihadists" who died in acts, not of desperation, but of " asymmetrical warfare against us".

"The methods of hanging themselves were similar," he said. "I believe this was a co-ordinated attempt." The US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy, Colleen Graffy, described the suicides as a "good PR move to draw attention".




Me, I'm a tough little cookie. But I'd prolly have been trying to kill myself after a month in there. Are you mad? OK, consider this - one of those dudes was seventeen when he went into that place. He's been there 5 years. He knows full well, that, even if he ever does get to leave, which probably seems rather unlikely, he will be a bost-up shadow of a man, brain fried from torture and chemicals, trailed for the rest of his life by CIA spooks, feared as a snitch by his "own" people, too fucked in the brain to carry out any kind of normal relationship. Those dudes are all dead anyway. Worse than dead - they've been condemned to an actual, physical limbo. Hell isn't underground, or above. It's here. And so is limbo. All those nasty things Dante wrote about in his Inferno, we've got them all on Earth. That's how fucking clever we are.