So, I am in Newport, where I have come to support homecoming heroes the Goldie Lookin Chain at the Arena. We did the first show last night, which I LOVED - it was dope. And loud. And big as hell. We got some hate from some townie lads, and some LOVE from some townie lads, we got HUGE LOVE from ALL THE GIRLS, and the GLC... and most noise for '...Cut You In The Face'. And a bunch of people said we were better than the GLC, which, whilst untrue, was nice to be told. It was pretty amazing. It was sold out, and I am told the place has a 4000 capacity. When we stepped out, the barriers at the front were already heaving, and people were practically falling off the balcony. I climbed speakers!

Birddogg was awesome also. It was Good Shit.

GLC were on some super slick rowdy shit also. Tonight is going to be AWESOME.

After me and a pile of my old school chums checked out the local nightlife and met blonde local girls that didn't understand a single one of our jokes, talked about Blue, Cars, and lapdancing, and were terrified of my moustache, but still tried to sneak me out the building.

As it was, Ginge and Gwil and I let Dougie Moo go on his way with Adam Hussein and a lady, and fled to my hotel to smoke weed, which was the right thing to do. I was woken up by an angry old room maid at 1pm.

And then I went out to explore Newport. It has a fine meat market! And lots of those little arcades, where you can play slot machines and bingo. I crossed the famous "red bridge", from which, perhaps, Richard Manic once tumbled, where Kurt And Courtney nearly died, where John Squire nicked the art for that "second coming"...

I met a nice old lady called Phyllis too, who I'm meeting in half an hour, to have a natter and some fish and chips.

Wish you were here!


PS - Iniitially I was like, haha Blunkett, you evil old bastard, let us hope those ID Cards resign with you. Then I looked into his sad red eyes, awash with tears, and I felt really sad for him. He leaked that shit to the papers. He wanted his kid, innit.