New week

And a happy New Week to you all. I write this from someone's desk at Interscope's New York office. The place is fucking huge, and very clean. There is a piano down the hall. Jeff has guitars in his office. There are are huge NiN posters everywhere. And somewhat less huge Lloyd Banks ones. It concerns me that I've heard less new music this month than at any time since I was a pre-teen, but not too much.

The kids are still up that beautiful mountain, and I hope they're having fun, and haven't found any more gay porn or dildos. I would be happier if they were enjoying the chipmunks, bears, trails, river, sauna... I am sure Birddogg is enjoying the latter. The short time I was up there, he spent... I'd say 82% of his waking hours sat in that sweat box in the nude. Bless his dextrous fingers and his bald head.

So, I am still very much in Limbo. I am very aware that everything could still fall to shit. But that is OK. I have written yet more words on paper, with music in my head. A rap song and a half, and a showtune.

"I only cry at the movies..."

And that's what matters. If I were suddeny unable to do this thing, to make into sound what wiglges through the back of my face, that would be a couse for concern. But I know that I'm going to be OK forever now, whatever happens. I can do this.

Baby Bo emailed me today! That was pretty amazing. I guess a lot of people in englandland are under the impression I came back the other week, said goodbye to those that I wanted to, and buggered off for good. Not so! Understand - I was in the country for 20 hours and had top pack my flat up, amongst a number of other irksome tasks. I will come back and see you all properly just as soon as I can.

I'm crashing on Jeff's luxury sofa this week. Jeff has the biggest TV in the world, and some newfangled system that allows one to watch numerous episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasm and The Simpsons and South Park and The Odd Couple at the touch of a button. The future sure is something. ,br> Jeff also has mikes and a piano and a funny keyboardy synth machine, and some recording box or other. Being a PC based musician (ah ha) a lot of this stuff looks daunting and alien to me, but I look forward to playing with it later. And I am told there is a PC on the way. This is news that fills my heart. I shall be able to bash out these songs that have built up, and get going on The M Ixtape Vol. 3...

Any of my people that have anything to add to the tape, mail me at this address. This one's gonna be fucking MONSTER.