NEW SONG: Akira The Don - Lemmings

As promised, it is my pleasure to present to you a brand new song...


It's from my next mixtape, ATD28: Unkillable Thunder Christ, which comes out on May 7th. You can preorder it here right now! Glory!

Lemmings was produced by me, Akira The Don and mastered by Gaz Williams, who is out in Paris working 14 hour days on an opera but still comes through for me like a G.

Respect and thanks to the mighty Tim Wright and DMA Design, who brightened our universe with their beautiful computer game and went on to become ROCKSTARS.


some idiot from the coalition got the people in a panic over petrol Like its going missing its like they hear but they dont listen Spending every penny fillin up that pot they aint got to piss in pourin petrol down their dumb selves screaming in a blaze of gory dictionary definition gassed s'why you shouldnt vote tory me I didnt vote none of them if I had I'd be part of the problem i refuse to legitimise what I see to be a completely corrupt system that's me though and I aint asking you to follow me though i just want you to think when somebody tells you to jump of a bridge


now I wont say the name but theres a newswebiste that can take the blame for trolling people up on twitter into bullying dames I seen it happen time and time and time again it goes: publish an obviously inflammatory page tweet that shit then wait for the rage so self righteus "how could she write this" ching ching ching ker ching and get paid it works every time clockwork, maths, its the perfect crime cos when the lemmins see the other lemmins ready to sign they'll be screaming out "show me the dotted line!" like that phony baloney Kony prank where 20 mili lemmings spread a piece of propaganda some plum said guns'll bring peace to uganda turns out he was a wanker